False – my film inspired by Midsummer Night’s Dream

“False” is about old man in his declining years who struggles with memories of his life. He awakes in bad in a middle of night. Next to him sleeps his partner (we can see only the quilt goes up and down and hear snoring). He sits on a bad edge, puts on slippers and stands up. He goes down the stairs and through the corridor following by his distorted, elongated shadow. Walls in his house are full of old photos – memories from his life. When he passes them personages from photos start moving a bit (blinks, turn the head, follows him with eyes). Again and again shadows of something flying occurs on the walls. He enters his office and sits at the desk with opened photo album on it. He notices light inside closed cabinet in front of him. He opens it and find there theater model in paper. The model is full of fairies (fairies are revived people from photos). They fly out surround and beset him. First he is delighted but later it becomes irritating. Fairies become aggressive. The music is getting louder. When it comes unbearable he awakes in his bad and everything looks normal and calm. The person next to him snores like on beginning. He falls asleep. On the last frame person on photos on bedside cabinets blinks.

ENO project

This term we are going to work with English National Opera. Each student will present own idea for animation inspired by one of three operas from ENO repertory: Iolanthe, Satyagraha and Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’ve chosen the 3th one with music by Benjamin Britten. I am going to mix three techniques: stop motion, 2D and 3D. I would like to distinguish real world represent by puppet and dream world represent by drawn fairies.