my first (almost) professional pitch

Our first task during unit 2 is to make short animated movie for Children’s Society. Each one of us, first year student, received some audio from CS. Everyone has to “picture” different story. Audio with I have to change into animation is really touching, moving and… sad. On my soundtrack boy speaks about his dad and his addiction. It is hard to not cry when you hear his lame voice, how he struggles with so difficult emotions.

I have decided to make 2D drawn animation mostly in black and white. I am going use only CS’s branding colours. Also I would like to create a little bit sketchy and naive style of cartoon to indicate children’s drawings.

I would like to show his story trough simple metaphor. When father is return to addiction he changes into raven, and he slips out from the arms of his son who hugs him.

In my idea in first shot we see vase of flowers, but one flower is drooping because is a little bit above water. When boy starts telling his story one flake drops. Then we see child runs to hugs his father. Father embraces his son, but his arms changes into ravens wings. The man turns into a bird and flies away, he leaves behind him only one feather. The boy stays with empty arms. The second flowers flake falls on black feather. Boy looks for his father in empty city. We hear birds and see some feathers but we can’t see them. Boy sits on kerb and looks at the feather which he keeps in hand.

Title of my film will be “The Feather”. Dad of my protagonist changes into bird and leave him only a feather. “Feather” sounds similar to “father”.

and here are some draft 🙂