Everything new and different



My name is Honorata and I have already begun to study animation. I come from Poland, Warsaw. I was studying stage design in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, but after this study I still was looking for something more mine. During my previous studies I was fascinated by puppetry, and I would like to explore this topic, but I realised that working in scenography is too overwhelming for me, just too… big. I am small person and I like small things. I like telling stories with focused on details. Look inside the hero throw the gesture of his hand or why how he pours tea into his cup.  I consider that throw tiny things you can show much more, you can touch audience. Sometimes important things are lost in monumental constructions. I think I can find this in animation, this emotions by littleness.

First weeks are quite hard. I am in new Country, new City, surrounded by different language, which still I am learning (sorry for mistakes :)). New study, new people (even the new status, because I’ve just got married :)). Everything new! Sometimes is scary but also really exited. Challenge has began! I clenched my fists and I am coming!

This is my first “animation” (in fact it’s just a line test 😛 )



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