Bouncing Balls


In second week we were learning how bouncing ball works. I was using TV paint for first time, the same like tablet. I know that we have 2016 but computer equipments scare me. I worked in tv station as an graphic designer one year, and there was plenty of complicated electrical things and even learnt new programmes, I am still wary of new ones and because of that I am really clumsy. So my first bouncing ball it is not a masterpiece 😛

I still struggling with English so everyday I feel thousands bouncing balls in my head when I am trying to understand on lessons…

But bouncing on our drama classes was much more funny! I just love this lessons. I find it really useful in process of animation. we could experience moving from inside of ours bodies, be more conscious about them and transform this knowledge to ours characters. I’m waiting for next one. Combine dancing with animation could be interesting 🙂



Everything new and different



My name is Honorata and I have already begun to study animation. I come from Poland, Warsaw. I was studying stage design in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, but after this study I still was looking for something more mine. During my previous studies I was fascinated by puppetry, and I would like to explore this topic, but I realised that working in scenography is too overwhelming for me, just too… big. I am small person and I like small things. I like telling stories with focused on details. Look inside the hero throw the gesture of his hand or why how he pours tea into his cup.  I consider that throw tiny things you can show much more, you can touch audience. Sometimes important things are lost in monumental constructions. I think I can find this in animation, this emotions by littleness.

First weeks are quite hard. I am in new Country, new City, surrounded by different language, which still I am learning (sorry for mistakes :)). New study, new people (even the new status, because I’ve just got married :)). Everything new! Sometimes is scary but also really exited. Challenge has began! I clenched my fists and I am coming!

This is my first “animation” (in fact it’s just a line test 😛 )